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Landscape / Architectural Masonry & Stonework - Serving Fairfield County - Connecticut for 40 years


Masonry & Stonework

We live and breath hard-scapes. We love the quality, Connecticut look that stone and brick can add to your property. Whether you are looking for a modern style with clean lines and geometric patterns or a classic look to match a historic style -- our team of skilled masons can help you turn your idea into reality.


We work with you to select the stone or brick that matches your style. ​We are happy to help you build your plan or to work directly with your landscape designer, contractor or architect. 

New Construction

We are happy to work with your existing contractor to define a plan that works with your schedule and your budget. 


We work with you to select your stone from a variety of natural, locally sourced options. 


We  do service restoration work to damaged stone and brick elements. Whether it is a cracked stone bench that has been around for generations or a poorly built chimney that has never worked properly -- we can help. We have repaired commercial buildings where the wear and tear of the years requires re-grouting and replacement brickwork. We can help address issues caused by damaged foundations and water leaks. Contact us to talk about your restoration project.

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